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listen i hear you [entries|friends|calendar]
la princesa bonita chiquita

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hermanos "sin" rescate [31 Jan 2011|03:36pm]
this story does not begin with the unfortunate working class hispanic family in miami, the bronx, los angeles, dallas, chicago or bogota. it begins somewhere closer and much more familiar. in this reflective gaze that the shame of empire before us smeared as a hazy portrait. why does the brown girl wish for something she is not? the appearance of a warrior and the body of a mermaid don't appease her? the strength of fuller lips and savage instincts don't appease her? then if this can be possible we have lost ourselves and brutally regressed.

in these trying times of bleached histories i propose we dye it darker. there is a massive population of latinos in our country that have traded pride for conformity. why?
for a parking space?
for a prom date?
for a better life?
for health care?
for a chance to be someone.
for love.
for the fucking sheer pleasure.

why aren't our cuban children educated with a free and despondent approach to history and anthropology? in america, pedagogical views have once again "bleached" timelines and the humble heroes of our beloved cuban revolution and its struggles.
triumphs misrepresented and invaders gloried. why does america teach them to berate their own? they grow with unbearable shame always more and more distant from the roots of their parents and closer to a superficial loyalty.

where does it begin? it begins with education. the importance of our culture, its stories, its secrets. to refuse a capitalist's dream and cling to our humble guerilla. to demand a hierarchy of our own.
for our own.
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NOT PASS (198) [15 Oct 2009|10:40pm]
unfortunately speechless
inexplicably untamed.
cancerous mutations
of everything again.

aptitude in loss
shouted long and loud.
fickle manipulation
overlapping to extend.

shamefully shinning
proudly unnamed.
rehearsed inclination
bites my skin instead.
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confession 1.1 [02 Jun 2009|09:02pm]
there are many ways to be cuban and i resist the notion that to be cuban is to hold
particular political views or act in certain circumscribed ways.

i've always wanted to explore the borderland between what is only remotely possible and what is utterly impossible. this is what i've always wanted to do.

i am a voluntary exile.
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pickle pieces [18 May 2009|05:05pm]
i used to be able to recap my days and actually make them sound authentic and relevant. i've promised (and sort of forced) myself to keep a journal this summer in europe. because if i ever decide to enroll in graduate school, my teachers will whole-heartedly laugh at my petty attempts of creation. i need to practice. this is a craft. this must be developed and matured. and what i've done recently is shy away from the paper. my job swallowed me whole, danny gets to chew up the rest and spit it out when he pleases. and i am extremely okay with that. extremely.

its taken me a couple years to actualize the dreams i used to write about in 2006. i started putting together my writing samples today.
how can i describe what i feel when i skim them, edit and digest?

i haven't lived down my name. something i am absolutely not ashamed of. the legacy of broken plates, hearts and faces follow me everywhere i go. i think somewhere far, far away she is smiling (more like a silent approving smirk, the most attractive and beautiful smirk in the world). here comes the summer thunder. here comes our 'ice cream sunday', here comes a return.

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4.4 [20 Apr 2009|09:23pm]

hanging in there and strong.
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confessionapriltwnty [20 Apr 2009|08:25pm]
feeling like i always wanted to make music. and i dont have anyone to make it with. feeling like i should have acted upon things that had come my way in my past in a different way. thinking that if i would have reacted differently i would have been living a different reality now than i thought i would be at 24 and there's so much more.
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numero [02 Mar 2009|08:44pm]
aver, para empezar hay que aver un empujo. de donde no se.
si supiera, estaria mas alla que lo que estoy ahora.
en las horas de los mameys y las mariposas; por el aire que conoci tan brevemente.
en lo que cave decir--no se explicar. pero lo que empienza por aca; nunca, nunca, parara de sorprenderme por lo completo. y lo mas frustrante es la ropa que se queda atras.
mojada y sorprendida que las horas de los mameys y mariposas brillaron intensamente. agarraron el cubiculo y se lo llevaron al principio.
eres principe, te lo juro.
sabies que siempre te lo quise decir en ingles.
y parece que ahora se me salio.
cristal y flor, sobremeza de la vida. para empezar hay que aver un empujo.
te lo juro.
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[26 Jan 2009|08:30pm]
la princesa te espera
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"daniel" [11 Jan 2009|10:45pm]
a true testament to the nightfall. the steps that i take forward blazing with strength.

this seeping was romantically uncontrollable. but it silenced the screams, and i am thankful for mistakes. for they are truly the reasons why i am here today. that mistrals take course , because the times have started to rock my stride. i want to start something with you. something much farther than we imagined.

and as for now i am okay with the new and with the old. but obviously looking forward to the dreams we've spent our lives together dreaming. the fruits of this thing; forgiveness and patience are gold today.

to sleep in our shared secrets is my absolute triumph. this life will begin much stronger, for fallen pieces become etched and bruises become blessed.

this is it, you.
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(*)(*) [02 Jan 2009|01:50pm]
my starter broke on new years eve
while we were meeting up for dinner
and so i got towed


but danny tamed the angry monsters
the fireworks were rad
and my cold started to go away
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